Sunday, January 30, 2011

Carl Sagan and his Fully Armed Spaceship of the Imagination

Admiral Leo. An unidentified spacecraft is closing in on us.

On screen Commander Capricorn. Magnify.

OH NO!!! It's Carl Sagan and his Spaceship of the Imagination!!!!

Astrology... Your future looks............. Gloomy.

Quickly Major Pisces! Fire the Homeopathic Medicine Ray!!!

Direct hit Sir!

Admiral! The Homeopathic Medicine Ray is having absolutely NO measurable effect!



Incoming missile Sir!!!!

Sergeant Scorpio! Engage the Perpetual Motion Machine Powered Shield!!!!

Sir! There is no power at all coming from the Perpetual Motion Machine!!!

Uh... Okay. Quick! Everyone put on your Magnetic Healing Power Bracelet© before the mis-





My hero Carl Sagan.

Go watch some Cosmos and fill your brain with awesomeness.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Apricot the Fluppit with BIID. (Body integrity identity disorder)

Apricot, would you please pass me the salt?

Sure Mom.

DAMMIT!!! Stupid black rod!!!


NO DAD! I’m SICK of this black rod on my hand. Why do we have
them?! What’s the point!?!?!

We are Fluppits Apricot! It’s not our place to question the rods.

Well I’m sorry. I won’t feel complete until it’s gone. I’ve made up
my mind. I’m getting it removed. Don’t try to talk me out of it.

Apricot, would you please pass me the salt?

Sure Mom.

Let me just...


Learn more about BIID.

Ninjas coming back soon... just having fun with some other stuff.